About this site: This is an enthusiast’s site focusing on a segment of retro-computing including the Foenix line of new-Retro Systems. This site is maintained by @EMwhite (Discord and elsewhere) and I welcome feedback via the form below.

About me: Not all that interesting, but I am (and likely, you are) interested in retro technology and history; I am a full-stack developer in disguise by day, and a curator of related & interesting things. I would not be here had I not been at the right place at the right time when my low-income middle school managed to buy their first computer, a Commodore PET 2001 (in 1978).

Why this site? I agree that it is important to “connect the dots looking backwards” and my mission is to organize and add opinionated perspective.

Over time, this home page will evolve and maybe even adopt a theme other than the default, plain vanilla. Sometimes, vanilla is good. For now I’ll pretend that the sparse aesthetic is intentional.

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